Friday, 7 November 2008

The Tiger roars about the new Codex: Space Marines

Mr Kilgore, over at The Jungle, has written an excellent review of the new Codex: Space Marines. If you're into Space Marines, head over and give it a read, then tell him what you think over at the Millenium Gate!

Wednesday, 5 November 2008

Assembling the Space Marine Drop Pod

[This article was supposed to be a part of the october update. Unfortunately, my back broke in half (not really, but it felt like it did) and I was unable to sit at my computer for several weeks.]

Assembling our store's pre-release drop pod, I thought of some things that may help others. So, here are some hints for assembling your drop pods.

Center turbofan

Only glue the middle parts together. Then stick the pin through the hole and glue it to the bottom bit. This will let you twist the pin on top, to turn the Storm Bolter/Missile Launcher mounted on the bottom bit. Not only is it good clean nerdy fun to be able to turn it to face its target, but it also makes sure the weapon won't be aiming straight into one of the wings.

Drop Pod turbofan

Tricky part

When I glued the restraint blocks in place, I found it easiest to start with the upper part. Then I slotted the block into place, while pushing the small protruding bit on the bottom down to force it into its own hole on the column. The plastic is quite flexible, and this worked like a charm.

Drop Pod tricky part

Rubber bands

When the wings are in place, strap some rubber bands around the whole thing to keep them in the right position while the glue sets.

Drop Pod rubber bands

I hope you found this short article useful. See you next month!


[A very small, very late update, I know. My back is better now, though. That means that I will be able to put together something a bit more substantial for next month.]