Thursday, 11 June 2009

Downgrading the Update Frequency


Yeah, about that update... Because of other stuff going on in my life, one notable example being my bad back, I'm hereby downgrading from regular updates once a month to basically whenever I feel like it.

I think it sucks, but I don't feel I can live up to my goal of updating on the first of every month, so I'm changing it. I feel it's more honest that way.

Much to do this weekend, so the planned updates will have to wait until next week.


Friday, 5 June 2009

Comments & Answers

Hi all!

Thanks to everyone who took the time to leave comments. It's much appreciated. Keep 'em coming!

RonSaikowski said:

>>> Great tutorial.
I would have never thought to do the shoulder pads themselves.

Thanks! Yeah, the shoulder pads are a bit of a bother, since you often just get exactly the amount you need. With Tactical marines, you always have more than enough...

Another way to do it is to glue the shoulders (with shoulder pads) in place on the torso, and cut the arms just below the shoulders and put the magnets there. I plan on trying this for a future project.

Oh, and thanks for accepting me into the From the Warp blogger group!

Gurf said:

>>> You have inspired me to make my own Goal Sheet as I prepare for Deffcup.


And by the way, what are you planning to use as objectives for Deffcup(if any)?

We built and painted some Dark Angels themed objectives for the Apocalypse battle and I'll be borrowing them.

your Master looks awesome, and I really like the command squad so far.

Thanks! Yeah, I'm pretty pleased with how the whole squad turned out.

However I think that the cloak on the sergeant of the 2nd Tactical Squad looks a little too brown.

Yeah, I changed my painting method for the robes for the 2nd Vet. Sergeant. I wanted the robes to look a bit more like heavy leather instead of cloth. I imagine they have two different sets of robes. Let me explain... I'm thinking it makes sense to have a set of nice ceremonial robes, or "dress robes", like in Harry Potter. :) On the battlefield, I'm thinking the robes needs to be heavier and tougher, hence the cracked leather look. So that's my reasoning behind the new look.

By the way, thanks for the game last week, it was great fun! And thanks for catching the typo, too!

And thanks for the positive comments on my latest magnetic tutorial, Special Weapon Swaps made Easy with Magnets!

the black templar said:

>>> great looking minis ;)

Thanks! And I'm really impressed with your Black Templars as well!

Everyone: Make sure you check out Jocke's blog: A Templar's Quest

See you soon!


Monday, 1 June 2009

New updates this week

Hi all!

I'm not quite done with the June updates, but they will be online later this week. And, I'm having trouble posting using Firefox. Anyone else experiencing this?

Anyway, here's what's coming:
  • Comments and answers
  • Tutorial: Custom mount for Hunter-Killer Missile
  • DeffCup update
  • WIP pictures

See you soon!