Monday, 19 July 2010

The mechanical undead are taking over...

I didn't paint or build anything last week. Frankly, it was just too damn hot, my brain was boiling in my skull. :)

Today, I've assembled the first model in my Cryx army for Warmachine, so no Dark Angels this week.

If anyone's interested in the Cryx project, you can follow it here:
The Millenium Gate / 10 points of mechanical undead

EDIT: The thread on the 'Gate is dead, so the above link does not work.

Monday, 5 July 2010

Another monday, another painting session

Honestly, I didn't really feel like painting today, but I did anyway. Again, it was just a little, but I did finish all the skulls and chest eagles on the three marines I'm working on. Sorry, no picture.

I do feel that I'm getting closer, though. Another session, or two, and these marines will be done. Only three models done in several months may seem like nothing, but compared to zero, it's actually quite a lot!

See you next week!