Monday, 28 June 2010

Progress report: 3rd Tactical Squad

Last monday, I decided to start painting at least a little bit each week. So, for today I continued painting the three marines from last week.

Today's grand total: Metal bits

That's it. Not much, but a hell of a lot more than nothing. :)

And here they are:


I'm really glad the project is moving forwards again.

See you next week!


Monday, 21 June 2010

Painting again

(Wow, I just realized this blog has been dead for eight months... That is sad. I haven't even been building or painting anything for those eight months, either, which is even more sad...)

Today, I finally dug out some Space Marines that I started painting months ago, and took the time to sit down and dip some brushes. It felt really good. The new plan is to do what I did last year, paint at least a little every week, but on mondays.

So, what did I do tonight?

Three marines, two with bolters and one with missile launcher, got a touch up on their Orkhide Shade base coats, and also got a brand spanking new base coat of Mechrite Red on their shooty bits.

Not much, but it does bring me that much closer to my goal of a complete Battle Company.

I'm really glad I did this tutorial a couple of years ago, because it's now been so long since I painted, I need it to remember what to do!