Friday, 1 May 2009

Special Weapon Swaps made Easy with Magnets

If you read my blog last month, you'll already know that I like magnets. If you haven't read about magnetizing Terminator arms, you can find the posts here:
Here's a tutorial on how you can magnetize your special weapons on ordinary Space Marines to make it easy to swap them out between battles!

Stuff you need

You need a couple of small drills, I use a 1.5mm and a 2mm. And of course, you need some magnets.

MagnetThis one is from K&J Magnetics and is 1/16" x 1/32".

Let's go!

First, drill a small guide "pit", using a small drill. The reason I do this is because it is easier to hit the spot you want. I find that I often miss the spot when I go for the bigger drill right away, without the guide.

Magnetizing Special WeaponsNow you expand the pit and make it deeper, using a 2mm drill. Try to fit a magnet in the hole now and then, and just keep expanding the hole until the magnet fits. You want it sunk deep enough to be level with the edge of the hand, you don't want it sticking up. When the hole is big enough, you glue a magnet in place.

Magnetizing Special WeaponsNOTE! You need to watch the polarities of the magnets so they actually attract each other. For the very first magnet you glue in place, this doesn't mean a thing. But after the first, this gets VERY important.

Now we do the same thing with the chosen weapon. Drill a guide...

Magnetizing Special WeaponsAnd expand the hole...

Magnetizing Special WeaponsNow, here's a tip on how to keep the polarities correct. Use a stack of magnets as a sort of handle.

Magnetizing Special WeaponsWhen you glue the magnet in place in the weapon, you'll know that the polarities are correct.

Magnetizing Special WeaponsAfter the glue is dry, you just remove the excess magnets and you're done! The left hand doesn't need a magnet, the weapon will stay in place anyway.

So, you just glue the arms in place on the model as you normally would. But now, with a few more weapons and magnets, you have the option of switching special weapons between games.

Again, remember what I said about polarities, or you may end up with weapons that attach to some figures and not to others. Whenever I glue a magnet into a new arm, I use a weapon as a handle. That way, I know all my weapons will fit all my figures!

Magnetizing Special WeaponsHere are a couple of Veterans from a Command Squad I'm currently working on:

Magnetizing Special Weapons
Magnetizing Special Weapons
Magnetizing Special WeaponsAs you can see, switching special weapons is a piece of cake!

I hope you found this tutorial helpful. Even if you didn't, comments are always welcome, so keep 'em coming! :)



Gurf said...

Hmm, not much to say really but nice tutorial!
Yeah and all of your other tutorials are of the same high standard. Impressive.
Keep up the good work!

bigtopboy said...

I didn't realise the amount of work you’d put into this project until I read this excellent blog – Thanks again buddy.