Sunday, 1 February 2009

February Update

Blimey, is it February already? I haven't had much time for sitting down and building and/or painting, but I have managed to scrape another update together. But first...

I want to thank everyone for reading, and especially I want to thank the guys who took the time to comment on last month's update!

AaronB said:

>>> Great blog, BTW. I use your method on my custom chapter.

Thanks for the positive feedback! I'm glad you enjoy it! So when do we get to see some pictures of your marines, then?

>>> I want the wings on helmet to be slightly tilted out. It's too straight for me.

I did try some different angles for the wings and in the end, I settled for the upright position. I just liked it best, but hey...we can't agree on everything all the time, right? :)

Thanks again, and keep those comments coming!

Gurf said:

>>> Personally I think the winged sword symbol on the chest looks great, I really like the beefy sword as well.

Thanks for commenting! Yeah, I like the winged sword on the chest, too. I wasn't sure about it, but now I think it looks good. Check out the pictures in part 3 of the Building my Company Master series!

>>> But (there's always one! Well almost...) I still think the wings on the helmet look way too big. From the front it kinda makes him look like a rabbit. Not exactly my picture of a heroic SM commander.

Well, see my answer to AaronB, above. ;)

>>> Unless of course it's something along the lines of The Holy grail.
I can imagine the enemies of the Imperium standing there laughing and pointing at the cute rabbit. Which then proceeds to cut their heads off!
Better stock up on some holy hand grenades...

Good thing there's an Orb of Antioch on the Black Templar sprue, then! :O

Looking forwards to hearing what you think of the, almost, finished result!

The Hammer said:

>>> Just want to chime and say Great Blog. Nice step by step on building the models and I really like the way the robes turned out. Well done.

Thanks! Yeah, I like how the robes ended up looking a bit like cracked leather, almost. That gives them a heavier, less dressy look. :)

>>> Almost makes me want to start a Dark Angels force.

No! Don't abandon your Crimson Fists yet! You don't want another unfinished project, right? :)

Yep, I've read your blog, and it looks like we have something in common when it comes to unfinished projects. Same as you, I'm using my blog to encourage me to get at least something done each month.

Your Crimson Fists look good, and I'm looking forwards to seeing more of them!

I encourage everyone to check out Hammer's blog at

Thanks for reading, and keep those comments coming!

As always, if you don't want to leave comments here, you're more than welcome to email me at stitch [at] roll2dice [dot] com.

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AaronB said...

I just finished 1500pts of my Skull Bashers. I made a little back story where they try to follow the Legion of the Damned around. Their Chappie is able to "summon" them.

Here's where I am so far:

Stitch said...
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