Monday, 1 December 2008

Building my Company Master, part 1: The Bits

As I wrote in another post, I plan on building my own Company Master from the various plastic bits available. Here's a first look at what I'm going to use:

Company Master bitsI haven't decided on a right arm yet, I'm still looking at options.

Two left arms? Well, as I'm sure you've noticed already, the bottom one is a terminator arm. I think that power sword looks awesome so I'm going to do a switch on the arm with the chain sword.

I'm not sure about the head. I think the Maximus pattern helmet (from the Black Templars upgrade sprue) will look great on a Company Master, but I'm not sure how it will look with wings on it.

Company Master bits, headWe'll have to see if it works. Check out next month's update!



Gurf said...

I think the idea with the sword is cool, and so is the helmet.
But the wings look a little too big and I doubt that it will look good, and instead make him feel more like a happy butterfly or a nihtgane (you never know until you try though). A pair of smaller ones might do the trick, but as of now I can't come up with from where.

Also on the chest, do you intend to paint a symbol on it? And if, what will it look like?
Since because it's the Company Master he really needs to look the deal.
Great blog so far Stitch, the tutorials are great!

Stitch said...

Thanks for commenting, Gurf!

The wings are meant to go on a helmet, so I'm sure the size will be ok. I'm just not sure they'll fit on that particular helmet... :)

The plan for the chest is to use the winged sword "danglie", but without the rope. We'll see how it turns out. I have a couple of other ideas as well...