Thursday, 2 April 2009

April update

Wow... March just kinda sailed past me and I completely missed it... :)

Well, I'm almost back on track now. The april update will be split into several parts, though, until I catch up. The first update is already online here:Part 2 is coming up in a couple of days.

Now, comments. I love em! Here we go:

AaronB said:

>>> I just finished 1500pts of my Skull Bashers. I made a little back story where they try to follow the Legion of the Damned around. Their Chappie is able to "summon" them.

Here's where I am so far:

Great stuff! You've got a really nice looking army there! I particularly like the Terminator Chaplain, it looks awesome!

>>> *shakes fist* Com'n already! :D

Yeah, sorry about that... :) Well, like I said above, I'm basically back on track now.

The 25mm Warrior said:

>>> I really, really dig the wings on the helmet. An all around great and solid conversion... nice!

Thanks! Yeah, I'm kinda getting used to it, and I really like it. By the way, I checked out your blog. It looks like you've got a pretty solid Blood Angels army there, it looks good. Quick Shade is a great product. I've met Bo on several occasions, and he is a fantastic guy!

Thanks for commenting, guys! Please keep reading, and please keep commenting.

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