Friday, 1 May 2009

Progress Report: DeffCup 2009 1000pt Army

Time for a progress report. The tournament is about six weeks away and I'm a bit nervous! I haven't gotten any painting done in quite a while, but all the models are assembled. Is six weeks going to be enough for me to paint four tanks and 14 infantry? I think so, but I really need to get cracking!

So, here's what my Goal Sheet looks like as of 29 April:

Goal SheetHere are some photos:

3rd Co MasterMaster of the 3rd Company. Ready for primer.

3rd Co Command SquadCommand Squad of the 3rd Company. Ready for primer.

3rd Co 2nd Tactical Squad2nd Tactical Squad of the 3rd Company. Two marines done. One primed, four ready for primer. Three almost done.

Tanks WIPPredator, Command Razorback and two Rhinos. These have all been scavenged from one of my unfinished projects, the DIY Space Marine Chapter the Knights Repentant. They will all be re-primed in black. I have added Hunter Killer Missiles to them all. The one on the Predator is held in place with magnets and the others are pinned, but not glued, in place, so they can all be removed for easy storage without breaking them. You probably can't see it in this picture, but three of the HKM's have custom made mounts, and these will be the topic of one of next month's updates!

Six weeks.... I better get painting!



the black templar said...

Ive been urging to see your models for ages stitch;)

didnt take a good look at them at the apocalypse game at the store.
glad you posted pics of them though ^^

great looking minis ;)


Gurf said...

First of all your Master looks awesome, and I really like the command squad so far.

However I think that the cloak on the sergeant of the 2nd Tactical Squad looks a little too brown. I don't know if this is because of the picture, or if you have commented it before, but I think it would look a little better if it was a bit more white. Still it isn't finished yet (according to your Goal sheet) so you still have time to correct your errors and bow to my supreme will.

Otherwise I think you will be able to finish the army in time and that it will look great! Though I still believe that you'll struggle against horde armies, I think that the fearsome amount of AP 1-3 weapons will punish the more elite armies. At least a little bit =P

Oh and you might wanna check this out:

Looking forward to your next update =)

Gurf said...

And yes, you better get painting!