Thursday, 3 February 2011

Progress report: 3rd Tactical Squad

Wow... First post since july.... And the first post of 2011! Let's see if I can breathe som life back into this blog, eh?

The good news is that I'm feeling a lot of motivation coming back, so I've actually picked up my Dark Angels project again, right where I left it: the three marines from 3rd Tactical Squad, 3rd Company.

And here they are:


As you can see, they're almost done. So, what prompted this activity? Well, recently, there's been a lot of hobby activity in the local 40k community, and it's really inspiring! I decided to organize a painting night and invited some friends, and it was great fun! We were six people, talking, laughing and painting. Hopefully, we're doing this again soon.


These guys just need some minor highlighting done, and of course the chapter symbol on their left shoulder pads. That's next session, and then I get to finally cross out some more men on my goal sheet!



Mr.Esty said...

Now THAT is how Dark Angels should look!

Stitch said...


Yeah, I'm going for the old school look. And it's all thanks to the Foundation Paints range. Without Orkhide Shade and Mechrite Red, I'd never be able to get this result!

Jonjoe563 said...

Where's the content? Your blogs are awesome, please start them up again. :)