Thursday, 1 January 2009

Building my Company Master, part 2: Cut and Paste

Here's where I start cutting bits into smaller bits and assembling them into new bits. :)

The first part of this series is here:
  1. Building my Company Master, part 1: The Bits

The Sword Arm

With a couple of straight cuts with my trusty scalpel, I ended up with these bits.

Sword arm bits
As you can see, I've removed the guard, from the original chainsword, that was covering the fingers. This was also easy with the scalpel.

And, after a small amount of plastic glue and some adjusting, here's the finished left arm:

Sword arm
And the outside:

Sword arm
The terminator sword is actually not that much bigger than the standard sword, but a bit beefier. I think it will look pretty good.

The Chest

Another couple of slashes with the scalpel freed the dangling winged sword symbol from its string. The plan is to glue it onto the chest, like this:

It's not glued in place yet, so if you want to protest, please go for it! I'm not entirely sold on the idea yet, myself, so if you have another idea, let me hear it.

The Helmet

No cutting needed here, except to remove some mould lines. If you remember from part 1, I was worried the wings would look weird on this particular helmet, but I'm starting to let go of the worries... I think it looks promising. Please let me know what you think.

Side view:


Here are a couple of full body pictures, minus the arms. (By the way, I still haven't settled on a right arm, but I'm getting closer. By the next update, I'll have one, I promise.)

Side view:


Don't be afraid to tell me what you think. All comments are greatly appreciated!



AaronB said...

Great blog, BTW. I use your method on my custom chapter.

I want the wings on helmet to be slightly tilted out. It's too straight for me.

Gurf said...

Personally I think the winged sword symbol on the chest looks great, I really like the beefy sword as well.

But (there's always one! Well almost...) I still think the wings on the helmet look way too big. From the front it kinda makes him look like a rabbit. Not exactly my picture of a heroic SM commander.

Unless of course it's something along the lines of The Holy grail.
I can imagine the enemies of the Imperium standing there laughing and pointing at the cute rabbit. Which then proceeds to cut their heads off!
Better stock up on some holy hand grenades...

The Hammer said...

Just want to chime and say Great Blog. Nice step by step on building the models and I really like the way the robes turned out. Well done. Almost makes me want to start a Dark Angels force.