Saturday, 10 October 2009

Progress Report: Company Master & Command Squad

I'm feeling pretty good after last night's painting session. I got more work done than I'd planned, which is really nice. I can definitely believe this squad will be finished in another session, or two, max.

Here are some pictures:

3rd Co Command Squad WIP 2009-10-09

The Master and the Sergeant (powerfist) are completely done, except for the bases.

3rd Co Master WIP 2009-10-09

I decided to paint the Company badge on their right shoulder pads, to mark them out as the Command Squad and connect them to the company.

3rd Co Cmd Squad Sergeant WIP 2009-10-09

And here's a close-up of the Chapter Badge on the Sergeant:

3rd Co Cmd Squad Sergeant WIP 2009-10-09

Already looking forwards to next Friday, when I'll sit down for another painting session!


1 comment:

the black templar said...

vetu stig?

enheten ser faktiskt RIKTIGT grym ut!
hur nice somhelst=)

men som vi pratade om idag så skulle det kanske behövas något som utmärkte enheten som "the big cheese" och hans härjedon.

lite skrifter å annat lull runtom shoulderpaden med strecket?

lite purity seals?

annars så ser enheten mycket bra ut=)

skulle vilja lira en match å se dom i action nån gång ;)

keep up the good work!

/jocke you know who