Saturday, 17 October 2009

3rd Co. Command Squad - DONE!

Yes! Tonight, I finished the Company Master and his Command Squad, and it feels really good!

Pictures? Coming up!





That means six more boxes crossed on my 1000pt army Goal Sheet...


...but it also means six more crosses on my Battle Company goal sheet!

Goal Sheet 3rd Co 2009-10-16

The command Razorback is about 35% done, as is the Predator. The second Rhino, though, got some more paint tonight, as well, and is at about 65-70%. I'm hoping to finish it next painting session.

See ya later!



FalconGK81 said...


Thanks so much for the great blog! I've recently decided to get back into 40k after a ten year hiatus, and your blog has been a great tool for me as I try to relearn painting. I love Dark Angels, and you've been really amazingly helpful. I've never done freehand company/chapter symbols on the shoulders before, but you inspired me to try, and they've turned out great! Thanks a lot!

I have a question about the magnets you use. A lot of my miniatures are pewter. Can you use magnets on pewter figures as well as plastic ones? I have two pewter dreadnaughts, and magnetizing the arms so I can swap them out would be really awesome. Thanks for all the help and inspiration. Hope to see an update when you are feeling better and up to it!


Stitch said...

Hey Falcon!

Thanks for the positive comments! I'm really glad I've inspired you to try some freehand work, and I sincerely hope it's going well.

You can definately use the magnets on metal miniatures as well, but you need to remember that the parts may be heavier and so may need stronger magnets, or more than one magnet.

In the case of a metal dreadnought, the arms are very heavy and will "swing down" if the magnets are not strong enough. On my own metal dread, I've solved this by using two magnets on the same arm. One fairly big, to hold the arm, and one smaller to keep it pointing in the right direction.

Hope that helps!

Neumann said...

Great blog, I love the paint job on the veteran robes I may have to try that one myself.

TopKat said...

Hi Stitch,

Nice work on your latest batch! If you have a moment, you can check out the latest entry in my blog. I talk about my Dark Angels army, and even manage a plug for The Angel's Talon! Keep up the great work on both your army and your blog.


Dan said...

Enjoying your blog. I'm working back into 40K after a two year void and your comments about trying to paint just a little bit every day are resonating. I'm not working up to a battle company, but I have a 2000 point army plan. I'm also sticking to painting my White Templars right now though I have some CSM I want to paint, some Sallies, some Sisters, some Dark Eldar, and some Tau. Lots of partially painted armies. Anyway, your robes look great!